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Accessibility Assessments

Web Accessibility Audit

Using manual and automated testing best practices, Oleb Media will survey your company website against the accessibility baselines set by the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.1). Findings from the assessment are delivered in an easy to read report that outlines problematic design and code.


Mobile App Accessibility Audit

Using an inclusive design approach, Oleb Media will evaluate your mobile app for accessibility and compliance. The analysis will be delivered in an easy to read and implementation format.


Device Accessibility Audit

With some simple adjustments to button lay outs, product colors, or by adding a feature, devices may be able to support a wider audience. Universal design does not just expand a market, but it also improves product functionality. Oleb Media can assess a wide range of devices from personal electronics and accessories, to household appliances and fitness equipment. Our evaluations can help products find new users and save costs in retrofitting.


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